Hello, my name is Harkaren Juttla and I am currently studying Level 3 BTEC I.T at Langley College. Throughout the I.T course I have to do work experience and when I was selected for Slough Aspire I though it was going to be mundane with just me moving furniture around for people, as I had never heard of the place before. I WAS WRONG! Here at Slough Aspire you do more than just moving furniture around, tasks such as updating software, finding out how the cool tech works and setting it up was what I did, and it was very interesting for me as a I.T student. 
So, on my first day here at Slough Aspire I was greeted by the line manager Fiona Jones who was very kind and showed me around the building. Once we were back into the office Fiona showed me the plans for the next 4 days and showed me my own folder with all my details and logins for the computers. There was also a whiteboard which showed what was happening everyday with all our initials, so we knew what was happening every day. She also offered me drinks and refreshments throughout the day. Soon after I was given a task to do by Fiona which was to sort out multiple papers into skills, these were done by year 9 students who Slough Aspire met at their recent Careers Event. I also met Nazma, the Operations Coordinator, who was very kind and helped me whenever I needed help to complete any task. 
The following day I was still tackling the skills task sorting the papers out as there was a huge amount. When I had finished, I was asked to present this data on PC using Excel. I had to manually input all the data and make graphs so that the information is easier to see. Later in the afternoon I was introduced to Natalia who the Aspire Centre Apprentice and looked after all the I.T equipment such as Tablets, Laptops and surface pros. When I met with Natalia, she had showed me all the tech they use and where it is all stored. The video wall really intrigued me, and I was fascinated by it so Fiona actually showed me all of the drawing plans of the tech and how it is all connected so I could get an idea of it which was very courteous and considerate of her. 
The next day, me and Natalia had to move the furniture around as there was a booking in place, so we had a visual drawing on the computer and had a task to make it look exactly like the layout on the computer. It was a fun and interesting task; you just need to remember the wheel stopper must be undone before you move. Once we were happy with the design, we had to put up a projector screen and setup a projector as the client requested one. 
My 4 days here at Slough Aspire have been very fun and I have gained a lot of verbal skills and more self-confidence as I was also on reception duty greeting clients and interacting with them. My skills on the computer have also been improved as I had to maintenance them by cleaning up temporary files, updating the software and cleaning the laptops with wipes. These are all vital skills for me as I want to pursue a I.T career in the future. I have also learned that in work you have to be fast paced and you must be smart also organising everything you do. 
I have enjoyed the whole time being here and disliked nothing. It was very creative and fun opportunity and didn’t just sit at a computer desk all day with my eyes straining as I was up and about most of the time helping. 
Finally, to conclude I have enjoyed the 4 days here at Slough Aspire, it’s been a totally different experience from other work experiences I have attended. It was very welcoming, and nobody acted superior than you just because you are here for work experience. They also treat you as an adult giving you passwords for the admin computers, so they have full trust in you. 
Work experience is very good as you learn more about businesses and how it all works. You also develop awareness. Work experience gives you a transition from school to work which can be a very awkward time for some people. Anyone who is interested in work experience then I strongly recommend Slough Aspire as it helps you attain skills and experience in the workplace, with a warm welcome. 
Harkaren Juttla  
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