My Work Experience at Slough Aspire 
Over the last 12 weeks on every Thursday, I have been fortunate enough to be working at Slough Aspire as a placement for extra-curricular activities alongside completing my final year of A-Levels. Originally, when I was contacted by my school and told that I was going to be working here at Slough Aspire, I didn’t really know what to think as I had never heard of the company or actually known where it was located on Slough Trading Estate. I was feeling very nervous initially and didn’t know what to say or do as I was of course in a foreign environment but very quickly I began to settle in due to the general good will and kind heartedness of the Slough Aspire team. 
During my time here, I got to take part in a multitude of different activities and events that helped me in more ways than one. The roles and responsibilities that I was assigned included but were not limited to; working at front desk greeting and guiding visitors, preparing marketing packs, organising room layouts for events or pop up office or just assistance in whatever needs to be done at a given time. This allowed me to both learn new skills and improve and develop others; for example learning how to act more spontaneously, having a greater sense of organisation, being able to communicate when I find myself in need of help, building my confidence in terms of allowing myself to interact more freely with new team members or visitors that I may not know and the list could go on. 
Overall I have found this experience an invaluable and captivating one which will help me a great deal in wherever I go in the future. I have learnt what it’s like to be working in a real life business setting and being a part of a team which relies on each other and supports one another which will surely be useful in any field/job. I would like to especially thank Fiona Jones ( Chief Executive) for allowing me this amazing opportunity and directing me through everything I needed to accomplish in a friendly and simple way, Andrea Hurman who was truly a pleasure to work with and made everything seem so straightforward in times where I struggled, Sara Loughlin who was always a friendly face and made working appear comfortable with friendly conversations and Amelia Plaister who was a fun individual that I got on with most of the time and pushed me and kept me focused, although most was probably out of Sympathy for me being a novice. 
Avais Khan - Herschel Grammar 
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