My Work Experience at Slough Aspire POSTED BY AIMEE HARVEY, JUNE 2017 


My Work Experience at Slough Aspire 

I'm currently studying Media, Product Design and Business at Windsor Girls School. I'm interested in all three of the subjects I do and I hope to either be part of a media company to be a member of a film crew or director, or part of or start a business which companies will use to help market their products/ services. 
In this past week I have had the opportunity to do work experience with Slough Aspire and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I wanted to do my work experience here because I hoped that it would of given me a insight into how a business is run and organised and Slough Aspire did just that. 
My main project for the week was to create a folder which shows all possible layouts that can be used in Slough Aspire with the different spaces. This included sourcing and taking photos of past layouts, printing, laminating and using the IT equipment. Alongside doing this, I helped out with the different events that were taking place all through the week by being on reception, setting up the space ready for events, clearing spaces after events and getting involved with the events. 
Throughout the week I have definitely improved my skills with IT and found out lots of useful websites and organisations that will help me for when I leave school and go and start a career. 
Fiona and her team have been amazing with helping me throughout the week with any problems I have faced and helping me with my project. I have to say everyone in the team are lovely, friendly people and this is proved on how well they work together as a team. As soon as I came to Slough Aspire I was instantly included as part of the team which was extremely welcoming, they would always ask me about my week and if I'm enjoying it, they were not intimidating in anyway and was so nice from start to finish. 
From Fiona and her team telling me what Slough Aspire is used for and watching what the companies that came in did, they have a very strong goal to help people locally that needed a little help with their careers, job searching and career progressing. Slough Aspire really takes care of the local community and it is great to see how involved they are with it and how they help anyone who comes through the door. 
Work experience is something that can help a lot of students to help them get ready for working life. Its sad that most schools in Berkshire do not offer their students work experience and that if students want to do it they have to figure it out all by themselves, which is really hard. Because of all the exams, coursework and revision students have to do its hard to do or think about anything else because we are so focused on passing school, let alone thinking about what we want to do after school. So when school is all over sometimes we have to jump straight in the world of work with no experience, which is hard as to find a job they want experienced employees but we cant get that experience if no one will take us on. So we need work experience to be a more common thing. There are companies that work with companies that offer work experience places for schools. Students need help with finding out what they want to do and how they will get there which work experience does help a lot, it did for me. 
My time here at Slough Aspire has taught me a life lesson that I will remember for my future career in whatever I do. I would like to say a massive thank you to Fiona and her team because of how much they trusted me throughout the week and making time for me to come and do work experience at Slough Aspire. 
I wish the Slough Aspire team all the best in the future and hope they carry on doing what they are doing because they are doing great. 
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