My Week at Slough Aspire POSTED BY Hassan Raza, November 2019 


My Week at Slough Aspire 

When I first found out that I would be doing my work experience with Slough Aspire, who host events at their venue, I pretty much instantly assumed it would be a week of moving tables and carrying tea. While I did end up setting up tables a grand total of once during the week, I was surprised by the variety of the jobs I had. Rather than menial tasks that other people didn’t want to do, I was tasked with researching and organising things that would help Slough Aspire long after my week there was over. 
Not only that, but the staff at Slough Aspire were very welcoming and friendly. They were happy to explain how everything worked and what was going on, and talked about important factors of the business like managing their online presence and controlling how much stock they had. 
The first task I was given was to research mugs that wouldn't shatter if dropped but work well as an eco-friendly and non-disposable replacement for plastic cups. I had to look around for various types of strong eco-friendly mugs, find out about the pros and cons of each, and then compare them based on a range of factors such as cost, durability and environmental friendliness to see which one would be the best choice for the company, which gave me a general idea about, and experience in, research that often has to be conducted in a workplace, as well as how to present it. 
I also had Slough Aspire’s social media newsletter and how it is run explained to me, and helped to organise their social media calendar for 2020, with all the events that would be important to the business such as National Careers Week and Global Entrepreneurship Week and useful links written in. This allowed me to understand more about how to get people interested in a business online as well as how to plan for upcoming events. 
Later in the week I learnt about which stocks needed to be checked regularly in a business to know when to order more and how quickly each thing is being used. After that, we checked the computers and various other technology in the building to check that they were working correctly, up to date and protected against malware. 
I think the skills I improved the most was my ability to research things and my organisation, both of which are very useful in a working environment and in all aspects of adult life. This experience has also given me an insight into how businesses are run and the kind of planning and research that needs to be done constantly as well as smaller details such as managing stocks. 
Overall, I enjoyed my time working at Slough Aspire as it was very welcoming, and I learnt a lot about the world of work. For anyone about to do their work experience, I would strongly recommend it as it gives valuable experience about the workplace and the skills needed there. 
Hassan Raza, Herschel Grammar School 
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