My Work Experience at Slough Aspire POSTED BY ABIR MAROUF, JULY 2016 


My Work Experience at Slough Aspire 

I was given the opportunity to do work experience at Slough Aspire starting from the 4th of July to the 8th of July. I really enjoyed my time here because even though it was fun, I still had a feel for what a working environment is like by meeting deadlines etc. 
The Slough Aspire team were really friendly and helpful when I didn’t understand something fully or needed help with something and this made the whole experience feel easier and a lot more stress free. Fiona Jones (Chief Executive) gave me all the tasks I needed to do in the week and structured it so it gave me enough to do for a particular day but wasn’t overloaded with jobs. This helped a lot as I don’t like having everything given to me all at once and like to do things bit by bit. I would also like to thank Andrea Hurman and Hufriya Mehta for helping me by showing me where something was if I needed it and also how to use the printer/photocopier etc. 
During the week I had to organise an event that happened on Wednesday by prepping everything like making the name badges and getting packs ready for the visitors. I also made game cards and worksheets for another event using Microsoft word. I learnt how to use a lot more tools on Word and I have gained more knowledge on how to do things quicker on it. 
It has been a very fun and enjoyable experience and I have met some great people from this opportunity so I would like to say thank you to the Slough Aspire team. 
Abir Marouf- The Windsor Boys’ School 
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