The Aspire Sessions - February 2016 POSTED BY SAM BIGGS, FEBRUARY 2016 


The Aspire Sessions - February 2016 

Over the course of three afternoons, Slough Aspire welcomed 109 sixth form students from East Berkshire College’s Windsor College to the Aspire Centre to improve their Employability skills. Working in small groups led by a business volunteer, students were able to discover more about CVs, covering letters, job searching, interview techniques, being successful in work and much more. 
Student Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with many references to the motivational support from the business volunteers and the benefits of working with those volunteers in small groups. A few highlights from the feedback: 
“It was interesting because I personally need that information to apply for a job. I am more confident with interviews now than a month ago.” 
“The small groups and short discussion Q/A sessions allowed students to get some “bite-sized” tips and ideas without being overloaded” 
“I enjoyed the talk about how to behave and prepare before and during the interview as I am very nervous about interviews” 
“I like the fact that experienced workers came in and helped us with future work possibilities, they were able to give personal experience info” “The advice given by the volunteers. Storage space man was very helpful.” 
“The way that everything was prepared was excellent. The host was brilliant. I enjoyed the fact they have arranged everything. The guests that came, the conversation with them was really helpful” 
“Great advice about LinkedIn / Hearing about how research works in science” 
“Peter’s conversation and enthusiasm to tell us about how to go down the educational route in scientific research” 
“The advice provided was very useful and helped in making me feel more confident with myself” 
A huge thank you to all our business volunteers 
Dr Peter Palasz, Joanna Redford, Susan Naylor, Kathleen Shaw, Justin McCarthy, Adam Sperling, Fiona Barnes, Emma Kynoch, Karen Xavier and Danny White. 
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