My Work Experience at Slough Aspire POSTED BY TAALIBAH COOPER, FEBRUARY 2016 


My Work Experience at Slough Aspire 

I’m currently a student at East Berkshire studying a Level 2 Travel and Tourism Course. As I’m very interested in the Travel and Hospitality industry I hope to set up a business up one day. I am very understanding motivated person that gets inspired really easily. Also I’m always very positive and constantly show a pleasant manner to anyone I surround myself with. 
Throughout our lives we will have to become very independent and make our own decisions and work experience is the perfect opportunity to build our confidence to make these decisions. Work experience will also even give you the opportunity to take on some really interesting and challenging responsibilities which can help to identify your own skills and perhaps even highlight the areas that you might want to work on. 
In today’s society young people don’t often get work experience at their school this is why every student should take the opportunity to get experience whilst it’s out there, as it is very important to have some sort of training of before entering the world of world. In my opinion work experience is a good aspect of your life because you can develop new skills and learn from bigger challenges. Also it gives students the ability to see what motivates and interests them so that they know what they want to become in the future. Therefore having plans for the future is even better when you start from a younger age as you have a lot of time to reach your goals: The more motivation you’ll get the more motivation you’ll feel. 
Likewise Slough Aspire is a good business that helps children develop their skills and try something new. They provide work experience for teenagers to give them more of an idea of the challenges that they will face. This company is great for training young students into work and it encourages more people in the local area to work with local companies. Many businesses and school groups take part in activities and many business speakers come here to help teenagers out, inspire them about their upcoming future. Also the company provides meeting space for the local community. 
Furthermore during my week working with Slough Aspire I helped with a variety of events, such as; being on the reception to get visitors signed in, taking photographs of events that were taking place , using the filling system and taking care of business in the office as it got frequently busy. It was a good experience to take part in, as being in a busy environment shows you can work under pressure and requires you to stay focused on whatever task you are being set. From my work experience I realised that I’m a much more organised person that likes to be prepared for everything and I realized that time you find a new work experience you learn something new about yourself. In addition the staff were amazing and supportive I’d like to thank Fiona Jones for her help with my training, it was very useful and her staff Andrea Hurman and Sam Biggs. They are all a hardworking and honourable team and the company is lucky to have them. 
Taalibah Cooper 
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