Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016 POSTED BY SAM BIGGS, JANUARY 2016 


Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016 

Now in its fourth year, a popular and inspirational two-day careers and training event, called Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016, will take place at The Centre, Farnham Road, Slough SL1 4UT from Wednesday 3rd to Thursday 4th February. 
At a crucial and timely stage in their education, Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016 will let Year-9 thirteen to fourteen-year-old school children and their parents from Slough and surrounding areas meet over seventy large and small local businesses, nearby colleges and universities, training organisations, voluntary agencies and specialist advisers. The chance to talk and gain valuable information will help school children plan their careers, pick relevant examination subjects for Key Stage 4 and prepare for the world of work or further education. 
Already, more than 1,600 students from schools across the Slough area have signed up to attend the event. Members of the community seeking advice about finding employment or a career change are also invited to attend, including young people who may have left education and need guidance. 
On Wednesday 3rd February and Thursday 4th from 9.00am to 3.45pm Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016 will be open for schools only. Children and parents will have the chance to ask questions, pick up ideas, listen to inspirational speakers and make contact with potential employers. The event will be open to the whole community from 3.45pm to 7.00pm on Wednesday 3rd February. 
On Wednesday afternoon only, there will be a session at 4.00pm on Introduction to Apprenticeships, and at 4.30pm, individual sessions on how to write a curriculum vitae (CV) or personal summary and the opportunity to experience a mock interview, run by volunteer business mentors. To reserve a session, please click here. These sessions may be reserved on the day or in advance. 
The event is being sponsored by Slough Aspire, an employment-centred joint-venture between the public and private sectors. The event itself is being organised by Learning to Work, a charity bringing education and businesses together in Slough to assist young people gain practical work skills and experience. 
“For visitors, Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016 is designed to raise awareness, generate ideas, highlight options, help acquire new abilities and inspire young people about their futures,” says Fiona Jones, Chief Executive of Slough Aspire. 
“The event is not just about considering career prospects but also addressing the skills gap threat and ensuring the knowledge and capabilities of school-leavers are fully aligned with what employers want. Ultimately, it’s about sustaining and increasing employment to make the economy prosper, so the UK remains competitive in a global market and flourishes generally.” 
Great value for businesses and universities as well as job-seekers 
Businesses, from large corporations to start-up ventures, universities and other organisations focused on offering or developing opportunities for employment and training are being invited to take free exhibition space at Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016. “Businesses participating in the event will have the opportunity to enthuse and motivate young people about their industry and potentially meet future employees, whilst universities and training organisations will be able to promote their courses or apprenticeships and explain first-hand the entry level requirements. Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016 is very much about bringing careers advice alive for young people and inspiring them about their futures,” says Rachael Burt, Managing Director of Learning to Work, the charity organising the annual event. 
She adds: “Slough has a vibrant business community. Many local employers are fully supporting this event. They are keen to be part of both Slough Aspire Careers Event 2016 and nurture the future workforce. It is vital that young people understand the various career pathways open to them, the skills that employers are looking for and the type of jobs that are available locally. This is also a great opportunity for Slough residents to engage with the business community.” 
Head teacher of Westgate School, Mr. D. Nicholas, referring to last year’s event that drew over 2,000 young people from every secondary school in Slough, says: “The Slough Aspire Careers Event is a hugely beneficial experience for Year 9 students. 
“At a time when they are making decisions about their choices of courses for Key Stage 4, the Careers Event puts these choices into context and gives them the necessary understanding of how the decisions they make now will impact their futures.” 
“Business support is vital if students are to make the correct and informed choices. The event has the right mix of talks, Q&A and opportunities to talk to exhibitors from a wide range of employment; it is certainly something that is an integral event in the school calendar.” 
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