Get involved with inspiring the next generation of talent in 2020 POSTED BY Natalia Orlowska, January 2020  

January is the time of best intentions and new year’s resolutions, personal and professional. Why not make taking some time to inspire the next generation of talent one of your commitments for 2020. 
From activities as short as 30 minutes we have a range of flexible ways for you to engage and motivate young people about the world of work and their options beyond education. At the moment we have some fantastic opportunities in February for you to get the year off to a great start: 
February 5th & 6th 
Between 9:30 and 4pm each day, why not pop along for one of our student Q&A panels. Taking place every 90 minutes these 30-minute panel sessions allow students the opportunity to ask local professionals what work’s all about. Each panel has 6 speakers and is a flexible way to make an impact without taking too much time out of your working day. 
February 11th 
We will be kicking of one of our Work Inspiration Challenges for a group of around 50 media and business sixth form students. The Students will be assigned a marketing challenge – involving increasing student enrolments for the college – and will have four days to design, create example collateral for and present on a targeted campaign to senior leaders at their college. We’re looking for three marketing industry professional speakers to lead presentations for: 
o 9:40am 
Putting Together a Campaign – this session looks at what a good marketing campaign involves and how it should be structured 
o 11am 
Understanding Your Audience – this session is all about how to reach different audiences and the variety of channels and collateral that can be used 
o 14:10pm 
Legal & Financial Considerations – this session aims to help the students understand budget restrictions within marketing and any legal or ethical aspects they need to bear in mind 
Each presentation should be about 20 minutes including time for Q&A after which we ask volunteers to stay for a follow up team activity and reflection session to help students develop their knowledge: a total commitment of just 1 hour. 
February 25th 
It’s the turn of the science students for their Work Inspiration Challenge and we are mixing up the day to really give the students a chance to get to know about careers in science because they are going to be creating a website all about that! We’re looking for scientists who have 2 hours to spare either in the morning or afternoon to: 
Take part in Science Career Path speed networking from 10:45am – this is a carousel style activity where students spend time in small groups chatting with business volunteers, asking about their career paths and job roles. The students will have the same amount of time with each volunteer and will have spoken with all the volunteers by the end of the activity. 
Be Team Challenge Mentors from 13:30pm – the students will be in their teams for the rest of the week and will have to design a solution to one of the following conundrums: 
o A) The Egg Drop involves creating a protective cradle for a raw egg out of straws and tape that will prevent the egg from breaking when dropped from a height of over two meters, or 
o B) The How to Float a Stone involves students designing a means of making a stone float on water for the longest period of time using a sheet of paper. 
In both cases the business volunteer/mentor would be assigned to a team to support their efforts and provide feedback to them at the end on how they did in achieving the task and how they worked as a team. 
February 28th 
We’re working on employability skills with some sports students to prepare them for securing work experience placements later in their academic year and we are looking for two guest speakers who can give a 30 minute, including Q&A, presentation on one of the following: 
• 9:55am 
A HR Perspective on Recruitment – this talk is about helping the students understand what someone from a HR department looking for, expecting and why do they make the decisions they do 
• 11:20am 
Positive Presentation Skills: On Paper and In Person – this talk is about helping the students understand how they can make a positive impact on business professionals and we’re looking for lots of great tips and insights into taking control of your personal presentation 
If you are interested in giving up a little time to make a big difference, please email Fiona Jones via to say which activity you are able to get involved in and find out more information 
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