My Work Experience at Slough Aspire POSTED BY HITESH VELAKATURI, NOVEMBER 2018 



Starting this week, I didn’t have many expectations, thinking this week was going to be uneventful, but I was mistaken. As soon as I entered the building, I was welcomed into Slough Aspire’s team. Firstly, I thought that I was going to be given mundane tasks, but I was treated as an equal and given work that would change the actions of the company even after I would leave. This has allowed my week to have meaning while leaving something behind that is going to be useful for the company even after I have finished my work experience at Slough Aspire and returned to my day to day life at school. 
This week started with a short introduction from the Chief Executive of Slough Aspire which was followed up with a marketing introduction with an apprentice that was working at Slough Aspire. This involved me to construct my own tweet for an event that was upcoming. I was taught the skills on how to format the post and also how to engage the target audience into wanting to attend the meeting and find out more. This challenged me into thinking outside the box, using ideas that I wouldn’t usually use; giving me a new perspective on persuasive writing. I was also handed team building tasks that included an assignment where I had to coordinate with other colleagues to organize all the items that we needed for an event taking place the next day. 
Following those events, I was assigned to work at the front of house with Tony the Operations Coordinator. He had taught me all the protocols that were in place when we had visitors and how money is handled in a business environment. This allowed me to understand the security measures that are in place in case of any emergencies, giving a great deal of importance to these set rules. 
Another task I was given was to summarize a couple of evaluation sheets that were completed for the event that I had prepared for on the Monday. I had to work on and develop my skills in reading and understanding new information. I had to then write the answers in a more simplified and generalised format by interpreting the responses and analysing the pros and cons of the event so that the information could be used to improve any future sessions that take place. 
The greatest asset that I have developed over the past 5 days was my researching skills, which will be useful to whatever category of job sector I go into when I finish my education. This week allowed me to develop my researching skills from my main project that was assigned at the start of the week which was to create a social media calendar for events taking place in 2019. 
Hitesh Velakaturi November 2018 
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