My Work Experience at Slough Aspire POSTED BY HARRY MEWETT, July 2019 


My Work Experience at Slough Aspire 

Before this week, I was extremely curious to find out exactly what Slough Aspire was all about as it specialises in an industry that I was particularly interested in. Not only this but even before entering the building I was nervous with regards to what jobs I would have to do, whether the employees would even like me and what skills in general I would gain from this unique experience. However even with these doubts I decided to throw myself into the experience anyway, and thankfully those initial worries and doubts disappeared quickly. 
Instantly as I entered the building, I already had the sense that Slough Aspire was a very welcoming place but also somewhere which reflected the community in its individuality and friendly atmosphere. I was greeted with beaming smiles and kind words from all staff members and felt comfortable and ready to get on with whatever task I was given, plus with an amazing team around the workplace I always felt supported as well. 
During this process I was set several tasks which would allow me to develop confidence, expand on my skillset (employability skills) and expand on my knowledge around the field of work. From this I am sure that most of the skills that I have developed at Slough Aspire will not only help me in later work life but my personal life as well. 
The week started with the general manager Fiona holding a short chat to catch up with the general proceedings and the layout/structure of the week, followed shortly by a quick introduction to all the technical equipment in the building (tech check) in which I assisted the current apprentice who is working at Slough Aspire (Natalia); who was friendly, welcoming and a joy to work with, which made it so much easier for me to complete the tasks given. I found this extremely helpful and useful as it gave me a real insight into all the recordings you must take in order to evaluate the business stock level and how much you must buy in order to sustain customer satisfaction within the held events. Not only this but I also realised how to treat fellow new and existing employees so that they feel as comfortable and as supported as I did when working here. 
Another task that was given to me was to compile several statistics that Slough Aspire had collected and format them into an aesthetically pleasing infographic. I was given a target audience to make the infographic for; which was not only teens of a similar age to me, but also for older people who were coming into events and were curious about potentially exploring a different pathway of work. Using this brief, I attempted to look for and use, a free piece of software in order to create the infographic itself. Even though I had never used this program before, through tinkering around with it, I had managed to create a decent looking infographic that used all the information I was given and that suited the ideal target audience in mind. Have a look at my work below! 
From the experience the best attribute I feel that I developed was confidence, maybe not with the phone, but with working with people and I now know to not fear the unknown anymore which is a great step in the right direction and a personal goal for me as it will allow me to put myself forward and sign up to more opportunities such as this one. The best skill I learned during my experience in my opinion, would be my ability to use some of the technological software, that I may use in future careers and in future endeavours. My skill in persistence and willingness to learn as well, was something I think I developed as I was using an application I had never used before in order to create a piece of marketing and didn’t stop until I felt that I had achieved what I wanted to, which I found really fun and exciting. Not only this but I am sure that for the field of work I am hoping to get into, it will assist me greatly when doing similar projects. 
In conclusion I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Slough Aspire and would like to thank Natalia, Alison and Fiona for putting up with me; and for anyone reading I would strongly recommend to anyone who is contemplating whether to take the opportunity up, to do the same as me and just go for it, because honestly its one of the most valuable experiences I have had, and I’m sure it will be for you. 
Harry Mewett, The Langley Academy 
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