My experience at Slough Aspire  POSTED BY Natalia Orlowska, November 2019 


My experience at Slough Aspire  

Hello, my name is Kashif Habib I am studying A-levels at Ditton Park Academy and have come to do work experience at Slough Aspire where there have been a variety of interesting and not so interesting times. 
When I found out I was to be at Slough Aspire for the week and the job title was event management, I assumed I would be moving around furniture, cleaning and talking to other people. At intervals I have moved furniture and prepared refreshments for clients but not for much of the time. 
On my first day, Fiona and I spent time producing an electronic mailer on sponsorship and how other firms get involved with Slough Aspire. During the afternoon Natalia and I made sure all the technology had been updated. We tested the laptops and iPads, the screens and the boards. On the Smart Kapp Board Natalia showed me a cool feature where writing on the board can appear on the iPad. Then we followed a structure to set out the furniture for the firm hiring out the main space. 
The following day I was set a project of researching why work experience is beneficial to businesses. I had to look initially as to why businesses offer work experience and the pros for the individual and the firm. I then realised in a workplace that a lot of research must be conducted and be well presented to appeal to the customers/consumers. I also later worked on colour coding for the firm where myself and Charlotte looked the branding and the colours for Slough Aspire (you really do learn something every day). 
The staff was one thing I really admired although being a small group Fiona the chief executive, Alison, Natalia and Charlotte where all welcoming and friendly towards me which helped me not be nervous and really be expressive with them. 
I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge from being at Slough Aspire. My research and organisation skills have improved, which is vital for a worker as they must be organised. My skills using technology have improved especially on a laptop which is also very vital for modern day work. This experience has given me an understanding that work can be boring at certain times and hectic at other times, and projects need to be done sometimes and organising furniture. 
To conclude, my time here at Slough Aspire has been different but has showed me a lot about business; it has given me valuable skills and knowledge of being in business. 
Kashif Habib, Ditton Park Academy. 
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